Developing Customised Solutions for Online Shops Using OpenCart Developing Customised Solutions for Online Shops Using OpenCart

Developing Customised Solutions for Online Shops Using OpenCart

Would you like to make your website more functional and unique? Our many years of experience with OpenCart CMS with open source code, will help make interesting ideas come true!

Customised online shops based on OpenCart from real professionals is a guarantee of 100% satisfactory results.

Years of successful work prove to our customers that nothing is impossible. No matter how complex your idea, functionality and resource goals may seem, customised OpenCart shop development with DEVNRISE OPENCART AGENCY allows us to achieve your goals.

Your project will be handled by an experienced team, which means development of online shops from scratch and turnkey with the quality of each stage. The creation of a concept, design, engineering and subsequent maintenance of online shops, are performed according to an agreed schedule of work at a high professional level. We coordinate the work and offer modern solutions. You will receive comprehensive advice during the process, and we will make sure that the ROI of the website meets your expectations.

Developing Customised Solutions for Online Shops Using OpenCart

Advantages and Features
of Developing an Online Shop Using OpenCart

  • Open Source Code
    Open Source Code
    Open Source Code

    Open Source Code

    Developing non-standard solutions and modernising the shop, will allow you to remain at the forefront. Thanks to the open source, we can easily extend the functionality.

  • Website Integration
    Website Integration
    Website Integration

    Website Integration

    We synchronise your online shop with CRM/ERP and warehousing systems. We set up text notifications, IPTEL, payment systems etc.

  • Convenient Operation
    Convenient Operation
    Convenient Operation

    Convenient Operation

    The OpenCart administration panel allows you to easily add and modify products, categories and manufacturer names.

  • SEO-Friendly Feature
    SEO-Friendly Feature
    SEO-Friendly Feature

    SEO-Friendly Feature

    The flexibility of OpenCart makes it easy and efficient for SEO optimization of your shop.

  • Design for Any Budget
    Design for Any Budget
    Design for Any Budget

    Design for Any Budget

    If you have a limited budget, you can start development on the basis of a ready-made design template and later develop it as needed.

  • Development Cost Reduction
    Development Cost Reduction
    Development Cost Reduction

    Development Cost Reduction

    The development of a customised online shop is far from a budget-friendly service and requires quite a few man-hours of work by experienced specialists. However, OpenCart CMS offers the flexibility to use existing functional modules to optimise the time required.

What Projects are Suitable for Developing an Online Shop Using OpenCart?

  • Customer Database

    Customer Database

    A database manager with the ability to modify and export the database. With the customer database you can flexibly manage various mailing lists and promotion campaigns.

  • Multilingualism

    OpenCart has localisation support for many languages around the world, allowing you to launch international projects. If you have the goal of reaching a large number of audiences from other countries and attracting them to your website, the option of setting up multilingualism becomes relevant.

  • Sales Automation and Communication with CRM

    Sales Automation and Communication with CRM

    We help to make this transition less painful for your employees and more efficient for you. We integrate the website with CRM/ERP systems as quickly as possible.

  • Built-in Reports and Analysis

    A statistical summary for each customer, the number of purchases, the amount of sales, the number of visitors, as well as reports and charts on sales are located in the standard CMS system OpenCart tools. We will be able to provide more detailed information and in-depth analysis of the website visitors’ behaviour by setting up additional statistical systems for you.


Development Process

  • Data Collection and Analysis

    01. Data Collection and Analysis

    We define the aims and objectives of the future online shop. We draw up the terms of reference and agree them with you.

  • Shop Design and Planning

    02. Shop Design and Planning

    We create a concise design that converts your visitors into buyers.

  • Shop Design and Layout

    03. Shop Design and Layout

    We create an online shop based on the open source code of the OpenCart CMS platform.

  • Testing

    04. Testing

    Over the years, we have developed our own checklists that help us determine the performance of the entire website and assess its attractiveness.

  • Project Launch and Support

    05. Project Launch and Support

    After testing, the website is ready to go live. If you don’t know how to operate a website and need specialist support, we offer support for online shops and other types of websites.

  • Contact

Our Projects

GAK Mēbeles

GAK Mēbeles

Development of a corporate website with the product catalog for an upholstered furniture manufacturer



Corporate website development for Auto / Motorcycle driving school

AP Sauli

AP Sauli

Website development and synchronisation with the reservation system


Elady online store technical support and maintenance services

Customer Reviews

We only sell our products through our website — DEVNRISE Web Agency’s work has been invaluable. We’ve gained a lot of customers through the new site.

Denis Novokrescennihs Vigorius

We’re satisfied with the website that DEVNRISE Web Agency delivered. Our site is generating a lot of customer emails and phone inquiries — we’re increasing our generated revenue.

Aldis Valters GAK

DEVNRISE Web Agency has been an excellent partner throughout the years; they’ve helped us grow and achieve our marketing goals. DEVNRISE Web Agency always delivers great websites that yield positive reviews from our clients.

Ehab El Hatawy Lincom Investments

DEVNRISE are the professionals who provide reliable support to our online store.

Oleg Butkevich Ilota Plus

We thank "DEVNRISE" for the professionally completed website development project. Since this is our second web project implemented by "DEVNRISE", we once again became convinced of the professionalism of this company. The new website design is an excellent embodiment of the style and quality of Häcker kitchen products and our services.

Andzej Schetkovsky Häcker Küchen Latvia

After a thorough analysis of suppliers in the field of website development and internet marketing, we opted for "DEVNRISE". Now we can confidently say that we have made the right decision. "DEVNRISE" employees were able to correctly understand our wishes and completed the project in accordance with the requirements set by our company.

Anton Shalaginov LAS-1

We thank the "DEVNRISE" team for their responsiveness and prompt work. "DEVNRISE" is highly interested in the final results of the work, and, therefore we recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner in any matters related to the creation and development of websites.

Kristina Linova LEIMEN

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